The $30,000 Gold Watch Posted By: Joe Vitale

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The article below is the latest addition to our site and it is a real education to read. We hope to sparks some ideas for you.Recently I struggled with an inspired thought. I’ll share the personal tale with you here as it illustrates how the Code of Attraction really works. If this pushes any buttons in you, employ that as an opportunity to get clear of any limiting beliefs you may have about abundance. Those “buttons” in you are restricting beliefs currently wired in your brain. You can alter them. This is your chance to familiarity a miracle.

Here goes:

Years ago I wrote about buying a $700 gold cigar lighter. (You can see the gold lighter and hear the tale on the autonomous of charge DVD that comes with the hardcover version of my textbook, Attract Money Immediately.)

The lighter became a teaching tool to aid human beings familiarity their limitations about money and deservingness, and to release them. After all, it’s not about the lighter. The lighter is just a lighter. It’s more about what the lighter (and the value of it) triggers in you.

With that in intellect, let me tell you the following tale AND hellip;

A month or so ago I ordered an expensive ($10k) watch for myself.abundance nbsp attract money nbsp attract wealth nbsp attractor factor Divine nbsp joe vitale nbsp law of abundance code of attraction nbsp coaching nbsp mr f
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