Art of Stillness

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The information that follows is one way to look at this information, and after reading the article you are free to form your own opinion. Whether or not you agree with the subject matter is up to you, and you are certainly free to make up your own mind about the material presented here.Equanimity, peace of intellect, excellent health and longevity are the goals of the ancient Taoists. It is also known as ‘internal alchemy’ and cultivating your centre has been a principle part of the Taoists canons for centuries. Essentially, Tao is indefinable. It is far less a theoretical philosophy and much more an empirical one, as it has to be experienced. Tao is a combination of psychology, philosophy and a strategy for living and refers to a ability or energy which surrounds and flows through everything, both living and non-living. The Tao regulates natural processes and promotes balance in the Universe by embodying the harmony of opposites – there would be no excellent without terrible, no blaze without dark, no male without female. The Tao is based on a lifetime lived in conformity with the natural path of things – in integrity with the natural path and flow of lifetime. More information: self-improvement
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