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Before you do though, check out the article below: it is intelligently written and the author makes some insightful points.There is a popular saying that: He who hasn”t been to the Great Wall is not a true man. Now it is known as a proverb by foreign tourists so that the Great Wall gains a high fame among foreign countries. During the tour to Beijing, the Great Wall has already regarded as the must visit place for travelers.
Since a long history, most of Great Walls built in early times are destroyed. The well protected Great Wall was built in Ming Dynasty at present. Now we called the Great Wall is Ming Great Wall. It is 8851.8 kilometers long with an average of 6 to 7 meters high and 4 to 5 meters wide. The Great Wall is the great wonder making by ancient working people and it is the witness of the long history of China. It is a world wonder as the Pyramids of Egypt. Together with Tiananmen Square and the Terracotta warriors, Beijing Great Wall is the symbol of China. And it has passed the Chinese spirit from generation to generation.
Great Wall is a rare treasure and an extraordinary artistic heritage which symbolizes the will of the Chinese nation and the eternal indestructible strength. More information: nlp
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