Tired in the morning? Did you sleep enough

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People, you, complain a lot. What do we moan about especially?

We complain that we can’t get sufficient sleep. We complain that we are worn out in the morning. We bitch and moan if anyone wants to bother us before we get our first cup of coffee in the morning.

We also moan that we have to work too much to earn more money, that there are not 25 hours in a day, that we do not get everything done that we thought we would.

We never take the time to stop and measure the amount of time we actually sleep, or the amount of time we effectively work.

You’ll be shocked to find out that you work less time than you think, and you sleep less time than you believed you slept.

A study by researchers from the University of Chicago conducted a research to learn what is the reality regarding our major complaints, about the amount of time we spend actually resting, and the time we spend, actually working.

The participants of the study were women between 38 to 50 years old. The participants were volunteers. They were supplied with a monitor, a sensitive motion detector was put on the wrist, that the participants were wearing continuously, for 24 hours a day.

The information received from the sensors, contained real information showing how much time the participants slept, how much time they spent in bed before and after sleep. That records then were cross-referenced with the written logs each participant wrote outlining the same data.

The results were surprising.

Most of the participants spent longer time doing work, or doing stuff, than sleeping.

Beyond that we discovered that Caucasian women sleep longer than the black women.

Caucasian women slept a typical 6 hours and 42 minutes nightly. They dropped off faster, they fell asleep in about 13 minutes. The overall time they spent in bed was around eight hours. they said the had a better quality of sleep overall.

Black women slept 90 minutes less than the Caucasian women, only 5 hours and 6 minutes a night. It also took them much longer, 36 minutes to fall asleep, They spent 7 hours in bed and had more troubled, less restful sleep.

It turns out that getting more sleep boosts your productivity at work, both your capacity to think, and your potential to make less mistakes whether it’s nimbleness, or precision in reasoning.

It was also discovered that people with better finances slept the longest a night, while individuals with less income slept the minimum … which makes sense. Individuals who have more money may have less problems, or they may have more control over their bedrooms and times.

What was before, the chicken or the egg ? did they get rich because they got more time to sleep, or the other way around?

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