Originally I wanted to use this site to help people, like myself, who have learning disabilities. A kind of site, where people can pair up and help each other getting past the learning difficulties.

This didn’t quite pan out, so, although I haven’t given up, I have been using the site to give advice about health and health related issues…

One day someone will email me and offer his or her services to assist me in getting over the hump.

For example: retargeting… or keyword research… I am really clueless… in spite of the fact that I make a full time living on the internet. lolI hope this article has given you new insight on the subject and given you some things to think about. Although there is nothing new under the sun, the information that you have just finished reading is presented in a fresh and interesting way.

One thing is for sure, information on this subject is available all over the Internet and this article is one of many articles available on the subject. We love writing on this subject and have presented our point of view. Feel free to look around and explore our site for more help each other information.