Do you think spirituality, healing, diet, transformation are one size fit most?

One size fits most? If you think that one diet, one pill, one activator will work for all… then you are as stupid as the medical establishment, and you are as stupid as the marketeers hope that you are. As … Continue reading ?

What is the opposite of reaction; is it response? Prepare to be surprised…

This is a republished article from June 26, 2013… So please don’t get alarmed… this didn’t just happen. It happened long time ago. But the message is as timely as ever… What is the opposite of reaction; is it response? … Continue reading ?

The machine that runs your life

My stunning discovery that my conscious thoughts don’t direct my actions may spell out why you are where you are, and why you can’t move from where you are to where you’d like to be… without energetic support. Now, truth … Continue reading ?


I have to admit, I would have never thought to write this article, without reading Andy Shaw’s book, Creating a Bug Free Mind. He writes extensively about worry. I never thought of myself as a worrier, but, of course, I … Continue reading ?

Talk Back to me: Do the Avatar State audios work on my family too?

Question: Thank you Sophie. I have bought the Self discipline Activator and it’s working perfectly when I downloaded it to my mobile, is it ok for me to listen to it now. I am just wondering Sophie I have been … Continue reading ?

Energize Water to 650 With Energizer Audio – A fast revolutionary way to get fully energized water

Water Energizer Audio: Energize Your Water With Energies Embedded in Audio; Beta Testers Complete! Necessity is the mother of invention… Or we could say that Creative Problem Solving is the mother of invention, at least in my case. Five days … Continue reading ?

Never really say no?

Saying no feels rude. Any type of no. Setting your boundaries, hanging up the phone, saying you are busy… Even when no one knows you have a hard time saying no. How do I know? I just observed myself. The … Continue reading ?

How could you feel REAL LOVE? How could you experience REAL LOVE?

I’d like to write about love, or being loving today. In this space I’ll quote Osho, and other people… I am not going to talk about what YOU call love, because what you call love is not love… unless you … Continue reading ?

Did you have a long holiday? Spent a lot of time with family?

Some capacities, especially the ones that are your main soul correction capacities, are hard to keep on. What does Source have to say about that? There are different reasons. Reason #1: You need more capacities turned on before you can … Continue reading ?

Albert Einstein said: No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. Could this be applied to consciousness training?

I am very lucky: the questions my students send me have caused me to have a deeper understanding for my own work. These students are often seeking new insights in their pressing circumstances from me. Lately it is all about … Continue reading ?