Discover the exact formula for creating an automated sales funnel that drives revenue and sales on autopilot

No matter what you're selling, who you're selling to, or what the price is...One of these EIGHT sales funnel templates will work for you...

Your Business is Unique. It Deserves Unique Solutions

Step 1: Assess

Every business is different, which is why we assess your business from top to bottom to understand your company and its particular goals, challenges, and identity. The Done With You agency has designed, built and optimized thousands of funnels for our clients while testing countless ads and funnels responsible for millions of dollars in revenue. That success has shown us what works and (more importantly) what doesn't. Our expert coaches apply that knowledge and experience to your business to help identify opportunities for growth and improvement.

Step 2: Strategize

Successful marketing is built on a foundation of preparation and research. Whether you're looking for marketing help, business strategies, creating offers, designing funnels, or establishing a brand for your business, we can help. It doesn't matter if you need a 'done for you' solution or a little push to get you started, we help you develop custom strategies to help you immediately level up your marketing. 

Step 3: Implement

"Off the rack" templates are useful, but they're shortcuts, not solutions. Applying the wrong template to your business can do more harm than good if you don't know how to properly implement it. That's why we focus so much on understanding your business from start to finish. Our Done With You Coaching team works hand-in-hand with you and your team to take your unique offer from concept to cash machine as you implement the personalized solutions your business needs to successfully scale past your goals.

Step 4: Optimize

Many businesses let "good" get in the way of great. But the most successful businesses always look to improve. Even the smallest increase in conversions at the top of your funnel can create a significant cash flow increase for you business. We show you what's working and what's not and then help you optimize those opportunities to rapidly scale your business.

Marketing Loves Speed

Your ability to adapt to change and successfully implement winning strategies matters more to your marketing success than any amount of money or manpower.

Done With You Coaching is your shortcut to faster, more sustainable growth. We shorten your learning curve and help you overcome your biggest obstacles to get you faster, better results.

Our step by step blueprint takes you through every step of the marketing process, including:

Marketing Strategy

A goal without a plan is just a wish. We help you create a plan that's unique to your business and sets you up for success. Whether you need general marketing help, custom strategies, offer creation guidance, or a sounding board to evaluate your ideas, our experts support and guide you towards success.

Funnel Design

Your marketing is only as successful as your ability to automate it. If your marketing relies on you or an employee for each and every action, your business is broken. Our experts help you design and build comprehensive, effective, and automated funnels that identify leads and convert them into lifelong customers so that your business can print money while you sleep.


Effective copy is arguably the single most important element of your marketing success. Our direct response copy experts can show you what to say, when to say, and how to communicate it so that your business sees the best results possible. Whether you need help creating headlines, sales pages, VSLs, emails, or engaging content, our A-list copywriters can instantly improve your copy -- and your marketing with it.


Ideas and strategies always look good on paper, but turning ideas into action can be confusing and overwhelming. While we don't implement everything for you directly, we make it simple for your team to do so that we may as well be at the keyboard ourselves.


The most effective strategies in the world can't help your business if you aren't testing, measuring, and improving your results. We give you the tools to optimize your conversion rates across all your marketing efforts and show you exactly how to use those tools to maximize your revenue and quickly grow your business.


Successfully scaling a business means knowing how to utilize your budget, where to adjust offers, and how to handle more clients, employees, and infrastructure. It's easy to miss small but vital details when scrambling for success. But our team ensures that nothing slips through the cracks so that you can sustainably grow your business as quickly as possible.

Build your offer.
Find your customer.
Grow your business.

Whether taking your business from zero to one or scaling one to one hundred, we can help. 

Our full-funnel approach to marketing is a powerful tool for you to quickly and sustainably improve your marketing results. 

The Done With You Coaching blueprint prepares, optimizes, and prioritizes your success with a team of industry leading experts who support your team every step of the way.



The complete operating system for growing digital businesses who want to scale their business on autopilot!

Module 4: Infinity Automation & Funnels

This is the HEART of this program...  In this module, you'll discover which sales funnel type to use for each of your offers PLUS you'll learn how to put each of them together!  Including what needs to in place, written, built, and deployed...  (This module is a monster!)

Module 5: Copywriting Blueprint Procedures

Discover how to write copy that persuades and converts everyday traffic into raving fans and customers in an instant! In this module, we put the copy together for the Action Plan that we discovered in the Sales Funnel Architecture Module!

Create A foundation for immediate and lasting growth with the infinity operating system

Discover how to create an automated sales funnel, write copy, set up marketing automation,
and then turn traffic on step by step!

Automated Webinar Funnel

Discover how to build an automated webinar funnel capable of selling high ticket coaching and courses each and every day WITHOUT you need to even be in front of a desk!

FQL VSL Sales Funnel

Find out how to generate fully qualified leads for your high ticket coaching and consulting business or service-based business…  Or, just resell these leads to the highest bidder!

VSL Upsell Sequence

Discover how to drive paid traffic to your self-liquidating video sales letter offer where your profit flows out of the upsells and continuity offers on the backside…

FPS VSL Upsell Funnel

Have a book offer or a free plus shipping eCom product that you want to use as a tripwire?  This sales funnel makes the most by optimizing front end conversions while driving increased upsells through the funnel!

Survey Sales Funnel

Let your users self-select into marketing automation and video sales letters designed to turn up the heat on their problem and SELL them the ONE solution that’ll transform their lives…  And make you a boatload in the process!

Product Launch Funnel

Maximize conversion for your mid to upper-tier price products and services through a multi-video launch sequence with email marketing automation…  And crush conversions before the close!

eCommerce Sales Funnel

Learn how to maximize customer value on eCommerce sales funnels by offer upsells, downsells, continuity and free plus shipping offers…

Affiliate Sales Funnel

No products?  No problem!  Put together an affiliate sales funnel where you grow a HUGE list and drive traffic to affiliate offers on autopilot.  (BONUS: This sales funnel can be added to any of the others for extreme cashflow generation!)

Free bonus:

Vip Access to the Done With You Digital Academy Platform ($295/yr)

We believe in empowering clients through education. That's why every Done With You Coaching client gets unrestricted, complimentary access to our entire DWY membership platform for the life of your coaching agreement.

This gives you unrestricted access to a treasure trove of priceless marketing education resources that allow you to master marketing's most valuable skills so that your business can thrive on its own.

Why give away the knowledge we provide to our coaching clients?

Because we believe in leading with value and know that the more knowledgeable you are about your marketing, the more effective our coaches can be toward you success


"Your future company will be counting your millions."

“DFY marketing systems and procedures are the best of the best. If you are looking to grow your business, whatever it may be, then you need to delegate the marketing out to a company that gets results. This is that company. Do yourself the favor and do whatever they tell you, your future company will be counting your millions” 😊

Steve & Gina Szumigale

Real Estate Steve & Mrs. Real Estate Steve

Steve & Gina Szumigale

About DWY

Done With You was built to provide guidance, mentorship and coaching for evolving and fast-paced businesses.

After building over 600 sales funnels, running millions in traffic, generating tens of millions in revenue, and a lot more...  We can shorten your path exponentially...

Done With You Coaching & Mentorship

Fast Track Your Success Online By Getting Customized Coaching And Mentorship Specifically Designed For Your Web-Based Business

Need Help Deciding? Call Us!

If you have questions about Startup Accelerator that you'd like to ask before buying, please contact us and we'll get the squared away!


    Just email me at [email protected] and we'll get back to you ASAP!


    Discover exactly how to build sales funnels and write sales copy that converts, no matter how expensive your offers are…From $50K all the way down to free trials!

    Hassle-Free And Actionable

    The Startup Accelerator is specifically designed to get your sales funnel created, written for, and launched online as quickly as possible!

    Once you know what your offer is going to be, there are specific tutorials for setting up your sales funnel, building the foundation site around it, choosing the architecture that'll work best for your product/service and price point, writing sales copy and launching your sales funnel to the world!

    Combine that with the fast action bonuses, and you will receive your own, personal action plan for getting to market quickly, profitably and with purpose; branding you as the expert in your niche!

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How am I billed?

    When you start today, it holds your place in line.  Your coaching officially starts on your first coaching session.  That's when the 30-day window will start.

    Will the payment autobill?

    Yes, all subscription charges automatically autobill monthly.  

    Where will the coaching take place?

    Coaching will primarily take place through Zoom calls.  If required, they can be phone calls as well (but Zoom is preferred).

    Do coaches help with implementation?

    No, coaches are there for coaching and mentorship only.  They can look at your setup, suggest changes and feedback, etc.; but they won't be 'clicking the buttons.'  We do offer Done For You Services though!

    Can I pay by check or wire?

    Yes.  Please email [email protected] or call 877-425-7049 and we'll send you an invoice.

    Is there a minimum contract?

    No - you choose how much service you want in advance (which lets you lock in an extra discount).  Once you choose the length of engagement, it may not be changed.

    "DFY marketing systems and procedures are the best of the best.  If you are looking to grow your business, whatever it may be, then you need to delegate the marketing out to a company that gets results.  This is that company.  Do yourself the favor and do whatever they tell you, your future company will be counting your millions."

    - Steve & Gina Szumigale
    Founder, Freedom Sky Real Estate 
    Erie, PA



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