Eating by appetite… not hunger… but do you know what appetite is?

If you need to eat by appetite, but you seldom have appetite… you are, instead, hungry. When I mention appetite, I get puzzled silence in return. Most of you don’t know what appetite is. Your body has a language (like cats! lol) that is nonverbal. If you don’t speak the language then you are out … Continue reading “Eating by appetite… not hunger… but do you know what appetite is?”

The word of Good and Evil, and other memes. How the wrong yearns to be fixed

I field a lot of emails in a day. And some of those emails are goldmines, because they reveal the wrong ideas that people entertain, the wrong premises on which they build their actions. In this article I will go deep, root level, and I will also go higher… because wrong premises can infect you Continue reading “The word of Good and Evil, and other memes. How the wrong yearns to be fixed”

High Vibrational Person

Vibrational Scale Of Consciousness

On raising your frequency

I get a number of requests to help people raise their vibration. And there are some people who offer this … many web videos on youtube.

Regardless of what method of raising your vibration to pick, you want to decide a few things beforehand.

Some of the most important and most wake up call like steps is finding out what is your vibration when you start off.

There are well-meaning folks out there who will measure your vibration, however they do it.

According to their findings you may well be in the Unconditional Love zone …

But my experience with folks is that their vibration is more in the range of anguish, repressed anger, and pretentiousness, than in the Unconditional Love zone …

It is, in my personal opinion, not handy to know only your vibration number, people also call it vibrational frequency.

Why? Because your one indicator won’t say much.

It is a whole lot like if I needed to assist you to a healthier lifestyle, but all I would have is your foot size.

If I truly wished to assist you, I ‘d get a whole lot more information, how big you are, etc. And after that I ‘d know, or might be closer to know if I can help you, and how.

I am a True Empath.

What is a True Empath? A True Empath is rare. A True Empath is able to be connected to anything or every single thing, accurately, and dependably, if there is enough information and facts.

This means that I will be able to connect to you supposing that I have, for example your photograph.

How do I know I am connected? After a few minutes I experience myself in your shoes, and feel your feelings.

The second reason it’s important to be able to hook up to something reliably is the following: unless I am connected to an unprejudiced 3rd party who is omniscient, I am only going to shoot randomly.

So this is what happens: I hook up to you. And then I connect to Source aka All-Knowledge. Now we are actually a triangle.

At this point I ask questions. And All-Knowledge has agreed on a code with me, very similar to what applied kinesiology make uses of … with the difference that I am not testing my own body to tell the truth, I am using my own body to receive the truth from All-Knowledge.

I have a set of question, that I question All-Knowledge about you, at the same time I am experiencing your feelings.

Source’s answers are yes, no, yes/no, or wrong question.

I call these 14 ratings your Starting Point Measurements.

They are a snapshot of you, vibrationally meaning.

The majority of the questions are about your mental attitude, your focal point, your mindset, your abilities that are either activated or not.

And with that much information, it is simpler to answer the question: what shall I do now if I want to raise my vibration?

From your measurements I see what is important to you … not what you say is important to you. You might deceive yourself, but you can not trick All-Knowledge.

Once you have your measurement, I’ll email them to you along with my suggestion.

OK, right here is the payment button if you want to know your Starting Point Measurements. Even when you don’t do anything with them, it is an useful information …

A significant number of those who request, actually start doing what might make them raise their vibration … And I am very pleased about that.

Sophie Benshitta Maven is a True Empath. She can connect to anything defined clearly enough… and communicate with it. She is an award winning architect, plus one credit short of an MBA. Also creator of Source inspired energies that make a difference. my site Get your Starting Point Measurements

If you don’t take feedback well, you need to grow up and get cracking.

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Do you think spirituality, healing, diet, transformation are one size fit most?

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Do you think spirituality, healing, diet, transformation are one size fit most?

What is the opposite of reaction; is it response? Prepare to be surprised…

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What is the opposite of reaction; is it response? Prepare to be surprised…

The machine that runs your life

My stunning discovery that my conscious thoughts don’t direct my actions may spell out why you are where you are, and why you can’t move from where you are to where you’d like to be… without energetic support. Now, truth … Continue reading ?

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The machine that runs your life