Nothing fails like success

Nothing fails like success Most of us think that we are miserable because we don’t have everything we ever wanted. Because we are not smart enough, talented enough, successful enough. Because we don’t have enough money, etc. You think that successful people are happy. Actually, the more successful someone is the less happy they become. […]

Can you become an empath? And why would it be good?

I am a lot like a pitbull… I latch onto something and won’t let go until I pull it all the way out of the invisible, until all of it shows. I just pushed the button “publish” on my article asking if you are teachable. I had left two questions unanswered in that article: one […]

Want to learn how to live a frustration free life?

In this article, with your permission, I’ll teach you a little bit of real thinking. How to think. A thinking move. So you can get more aware, and have a lot better life, a lot better results in life than without having some ability to think… or specifically this ability I’ll teach. OK, the topic […]

High Vibrational Person

Vibrational Scale Of Consciousness On raising your frequency I get a number of requests to help people raise their vibration. And there are some people who offer this … many web videos on youtube. Regardless of what method of raising your vibration to pick, you want to decide a few things beforehand. Some of the […]

Do you think spirituality, healing, diet, transformation are one size fit most?

One size fits most? If you think that one diet, one pill, one activator will work for all… then you are as stupid as the medical establishment, and you are as stupid as the marketeers hope that you are. As … Continue reading ?

What is the opposite of reaction; is it response? Prepare to be surprised…

This is a republished article from June 26, 2013… So please don’t get alarmed… this didn’t just happen. It happened long time ago. But the message is as timely as ever… What is the opposite of reaction; is it response? … Continue reading ?