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Start And Scale Your Online Business With The 7-Figure Framework Responsible for Hundreds of "Scaled" Businesses

Find your niche, start your business, and grow an online empire no matter where you're at right now...  Embrace the freedom of living on your own terms and do what you want, where you want, with who you want!

Get The Insight From 800+ Fully-Built Sales Funnels

At, we’ve built over 800 sales funnels for clients across multiple industries who paid us anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000.  Now, we’ve distilled our knowledge and expertise into one simple program that teaches you how to build your own automated sales funnel so you can scale your business to the next level!

From Strategy To Tactics, We've Got You Covered!

Marketing Strategy

A goal without a plan is just a wish. We help you create a plan that's unique to your business and sets you up for success. Whether you need general marketing help, custom strategies, offer creation guidance, or a sounding board to evaluate your ideas, our experts support and guide you towards success.

Funnel Design

Your marketing is only as successful as your ability to automate it. If your marketing relies on you or an employee for each and every action, your business is broken. Our experts help you design and build comprehensive, effective, and automated funnels that identify leads and convert them into lifelong customers so that your business can print money while you sleep.


Effective copy is arguably the single most important element of your marketing success. Our direct response copy experts can show you what to say, when to say, and how to communicate it so that your business sees the best results possible. Whether you need help creating headlines, sales pages, VSLs, emails, or engaging content, our A-list copywriters can instantly improve your copy -- and your marketing with it.


Ideas and strategies always look good on paper, but turning ideas into action can be confusing and overwhelming. While we don't implement everything for you directly, we make it simple for your team to do so that we may as well be at the keyboard ourselves.


The most effective strategies in the world can't help your business if you aren't testing, measuring, and improving your results. We give you the tools to optimize your conversion rates across all your marketing efforts and show you exactly how to use those tools to maximize your revenue and quickly grow your business.


Successfully scaling a business means knowing how to utilize your budget, where to adjust offers, and how to handle more clients, employees, and infrastructure. It's easy to miss small but vital details when scrambling for success. But our team ensures that nothing slips through the cracks so that you can sustainably grow your business as quickly as possible.

Build your offer.
Find your customer.
Grow your business.

Whether taking your business from zero to one or scaling one to one hundred, we can help. 

Our full-funnel approach to marketing is a powerful tool for you to quickly and sustainably improve your marketing results. 

The Done With You Coaching blueprint prepares, optimizes, and prioritizes your success with a team of industry leading experts who support your team every step of the way.


Launchpad Accelerator

Go from an idea to a business driven by automated sales that drives revenue for you anytime, day or night!


Niche Discovery

Discover exactly how to move into any market, find out if there are buyers, and start creating stuff that they will spend money on!

How to identify your unique skills and talents
Why your goals and aspirations need to be aligned
How to focus on ONE thing to produce outstanding results…
How to create a bulletproof action plan…
Why you need to focus on ‘solving a problem’ vs. ‘creating a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist…’
How to create home run products that offer ‘simple solutions.’
Brainstorming your product the right way…


Setting Up Your Foundation

This module is entirely about the ‘build’ phase online, starting with putting together your website, the pages you need to have, what those pages need to do, etc...  Here, we start stitching together your sales funnel!

You’ll learn the ‘digital sales process’ from beginning to end… Including what needs to be where...
Discover how to build high conversion sales pages for your offers so that your website is always selling for you!
Learn about one of your most important sales tools - your confirmation pages - and how to make the transition into pitching to your visitors seamlessly!
Find out how we do 'download pages' so that we get an actionable 60% increase in clicks and conversions into our offers...
Discover how to put together a membership login and membership structure to create your digital content from prying eyes...
Learn how to generate leads through landing pages and lead magnets on your website (this will be super important once we get into the traffic sections!)
Discover how to do content marketing the right way, so you're getting organic traffic from search engines!
And so much more!

Creating Your Offer

Discover exactly how to create 7 different kinds of offers, from software and video courses to books/ebooks, consulting, coaching, audio products and memberships!

How to create your perfect product, both in terms of skill set and cash flow.
The simple strategy to create and sell ebooks, guides, reports, white papers, and PDF’s online.
How to create a video course from scratch, including what software to use and how to stream it!
How to create an ‘audio-only’ course, filled with MP3’s that you customers can download.
Running ‘teleseminar series’ or ‘webinar series’ that’ll make you cash quick.
How to create workbooks, both as a supplement to your courses and as paid downloads.
The tools you will need for your online business to run smoothly.
Low price and free software you’ll need to create your digital product.
The ‘people and management’ tools you’ll have to use to keep your employees and customers up-to-date and involved.
The right ‘networking’ tools to use for managing affiliate, partner and customer relationships.
The membership software you’ll need to use to protect your content and manage users.
How to create an ‘association’ around a cause or idea (that pays you monthly!)

The Funnel Foundation and Framework

Discover the strategy to building a baseline foundation for your sales funnel so it attracts your perfect customer through organic and paid media!

Discover how to find the perfect domain name for your project - something "brandable," exceptional, and transformative!
Find out why "pretty" is overrated (...kinda). Learn when and where to use design so long as it doesn't detract from conversions so you achieve that branded feel WITHOUT sacrificing sales...
Learn the true purpose of your home page and why you should spend 98% of your focus on other more important pages... (ie. Your home page doesn't make you money!)
Find out why your static pages need to do and what should be on them because they'll keep you connected to your audience and safe legally...
The ONE page you need to make sure you have for recapturing lost and retargeted traffic so they know where to buy your stuff!
How to create landing pages that get up to 54% conversion from cold traffic (and what to test on those pages to perfect your conversion!)
Discover the 3 types of sales pages we'll be writing for in the Copy Module, what needs to be on them to maximize conversion, and how to deploy them quickly!
Find out how to maximize conversions on your webinar registration pages, no matter whether it's a live webinar, automated webinar, or live replay! More registrants means more sales!!

Attracting An Infinite Audience

Learn how to jumpstart your audience while you're building your funnel (because let's face it, even if you're launching with paid traffic, the ad platforms all love audience data that you supply so they can dial in your target market faster...)

Discover how to create content that your audience will love... Stuff that gets ranked in the search engines and turns visitors to buyers!
Find out what to publish on your site, backed by research tools that we'll show you how to use, that'll guarantee you get visitors organically!
Get the guidelines on successful content marketing; including text-based content, audio, video and podcasting! So you get floods of traffic from the search engines FOREVER! ... And you build a magnificent audience!
Learn our "content marketing workflow" so you can create a video, podcast, audio session, and text based article with only about 10 minutes worth of actual 'work.' You can riff off 5 of these things in under an hour like us!!
Find out where to get great content ideas, including stuff that went viral in the past for inspiration and how to research the most popular phrases people are typing into search engines right now!
Discover how to find content topics to write about - stuff that your audience will love, share, and save... And most importantly, stuff that'll get them to buy through native ads and your sales funnel!

Turning Clicks To Customers With Content

Discover how to create and utilize 'content-based assets' in your business... These are the things you'll be selling in your sales funnel and using to transition clicks to customers!

Discover what kind of products are the best for automated sales funnels (ie. ridding the suspense, it's everything!). But we go into the specific types of funnels for the specific types of products!
Learn how to convert a 'click to a customer' through a lead magnet so you can start to monetize your traffic.
Discover the 7 types of lead magnets and how to create them... You've probably got a few of these sitting on your computer right now, ready to be published!
Learn what types of multimedia content work well for your prospects including how to create it, where to publish it, and how to 'syndicate it' for maximum exposure!
Find out what you need in terms of design and creative to build a successful, automated funnel that sells for you day and night!
Learn the 'other' types of collateral that works well in sales funnel assets like webinars and sales videos (ie. pictures of you in front of an audience - stuff we always ask our clients for!)

Inbound Marketing Automation & Funnel Flows

This is the HEART of this program... In this module, you'll discover which sales funnel type to use for each of your offers PLUS you'll learn how to put each of them together! Including what needs to in place, written, built, and deployed... (This module is a monster!)

Automated Webinar Sales Funnel: Discover how to deploy the Big Bertha, our most popular funnel, for MASSIVE conversions on HIGH-TICKET SALES... Masterminds, Services, Products.. You name it. If it's $2,000 and up - this is how you sell it!
Fully Qualified Lead VSL Funnel: A 'rising in popularity' funnel, this thing gets massive lead generation straight from paid traffic. It works especially well for services and high ticket products that require phone sales support (think working capital, business funding, mortgage brokers, franchise investment, etc.)
Free Plus Shipping VSL Funnel with Upsells: Monster conversions and lifetime customer value flow out of this sales funnel when you have something you can give away up front... Get the credit card, march them through an upsell funnel (we'll show you how), and crush conversions!
Video Sales Letter Funnel with Upsells/Downsells: This is where your self liquidating offer comes in... If you're selling a free trial or something that requires payment up front like a video course, ebook, tripwire offer (ie. it's not free plus shipping!)... You'll use this VSL upsell funnel to maximize conversions and customer value.
Survey Sales Funnel: One of our most advanced funnel types AND most wicked in terms of marketing automation. This survey sales funnel drives conversions through self segmentation and intense customer personalization. Delivering specific marketing messages and sales videos depending on a customers answers, it will increase conversions no matter where it's rolled out!
Product Launch Funnel: Launch your mid-tier product to a raving fan base with this multi-video launch process. It works for services, digital products, masterminds and so much more!
eComm Sales Funnel: Maximize your customer value and implement continuity plans and free plus shipping offers to convert eCom buyers into long term customers. This lesson will walk you through the Traditional 'shopping cart method' as well as a new-age direct response eCom method!
Affiliate Sales Funnel: No products? No problem. We'll show you how to build a lead generation machine that pitches affiliate products on the backside AND keeps email engagement high with blog posts!

Copywriting For Conversion

Discover how to write copy that persuades and converts everyday traffic into raving fans and customers in an instant! In this module, we put the copy together for the Action Plan that we discovered in the Sales Funnel Architecture Module!

Discover all of the different types of copy that you'll need to convert your prospects to buyers, being deployed in different scenarios for different marketing automation circumstances...
Learn the single best targeting technique for writing strong sales and email copy to your visitors... Copy that'll draw your prospects in and have them salivating for your offer!
Find out how to write video sales letters to power your FPS funnels, FQL funnels, and Upsell funnels! These VSL's will be deployed in every type of sales funnel architecture you're building!
Discover how full stack video sales letters are to be used (and why they're the future of selling online). You'll get 214% more conversion from these things than traditional VSL's if you use them correctly!
Learn how to combine long form sales copy elements with full stack video sales letters to dramatically improve conversion in your target audience!
Get the breakdown of sales copy elements. Assemble the elements (or mix and match the elements) to create an incredible presentation that sells to EVERYONE no matter how they're wired... Logic-based, emotionally-based, fear-based. You name it.
Create a conversion crushing webinar as simple as a paint-by-numbers picture. We detail what copy specifically needs to go on what slide to create your first webinar and establish your copy control for your A/B tests...
Plus so much more!

Funnel Rollout & Launch

Launch your sales funnel with a never-ending supply of traffic. Leads and visitors come through your front door. SALES fly out the back! All without you even needing to be in front of a computer!

Learn why you should build a foundation of traffic you can control - not traffic that you're counting on some algorithm to provide you (ie. If you build on traffic someone else controls, it can disappear overnight!)
Discover the two step "Advertising Funnel" we implement for all of our clients and the two types of traffic we go after depending on warmth and recency...
Get the Facebook Ad strategies we deploy with, especially when we're trying to build an audience from scratch using Facebook's data (hint: If you're NOT doing this then you're spending about 300% more on traffic than you should be!)
Find out the BIGGEST asset for Facebook Ad Types and how to create them easily, quickly, and cheaply. Yes, I'm talking about video ads :0)
Discover how to research and deploy Google ads that'll get you crazy conversions for your FQL, VSL and Webinar Funnels!
Learn the banner retargeting and email retargeting strategies that'll keep your product top of mind for clients for 6 times LONGER!

Finally Build Your Own Automated Sales Funnel For Immediate And Lasting Growth

Discover step-by-step how to create an automated sales funnel, write copy, set up marketing automation, and drive traffic so you can add a highly profitable revenue stream to your business!

Automated Webinar Funnel

Discover how to build an automated webinar funnel capable of selling high ticket coaching and courses each and every day WITHOUT you need to even be in front of a desk!

FQL VSL Sales Funnel

Find out how to generate fully qualified leads for your high ticket coaching and consulting business or service-based business…  Or, just resell these leads to the highest bidder!

VSL Upsell Sequence

Discover how to drive paid traffic to your self-liquidating video sales letter offer where your profit flows out of the upsells and continuity offers on the backside…

FPS VSL Upsell Funnel

Have a book offer or a free plus shipping eCom product that you want to use as a tripwire?  This sales funnel makes the most by optimizing front end conversions while driving increased upsells through the funnel!

Survey Sales Funnel

Let your users self-select into marketing automation and video sales letters designed to turn up the heat on their problem and SELL them the ONE solution that’ll transform their lives…  And make you a boatload in the process!

Product Launch Funnel

Maximize conversion for your mid to upper-tier price products and services through a multi-video launch sequence with email marketing automation…  And crush conversions before the close!

eCommerce Sales Funnel

Learn how to maximize customer value on eCommerce sales funnels by offer upsells, downsells, continuity and free plus shipping offers…

Affiliate Sales Funnel

No products?  No problem!  Put together an affiliate sales funnel where you grow a HUGE list and drive traffic to affiliate offers on autopilot.  (BONUS: This sales funnel can be added to any of the others for extreme cashflow generation!)


"Your future company will be counting your millions."

“DFY marketing systems and procedures are the best of the best. If you are looking to grow your business, whatever it may be, then you need to delegate the marketing out to a company that gets results. This is that company. Do yourself the favor and do whatever they tell you, your future company will be counting your millions” 😊

Steve & Gina Szumigale

Real Estate Steve & Mrs. Real Estate Steve

Steve & Gina Szumigale

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    Combine that with the fast action bonuses, and you will receive your own, personal action plan for getting to market quickly, profitably and with purpose; branding you as the expert in your niche!

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    When does the program start?

    After you enroll, you'll get access to the Launchpad Accelerator course immediately.  Inside the course, you'll have to ability to book your calls, as well!

    Will the subscription rebill?

    Yes, your membership will continue for as long as you're a member.  It could be yearly or monthly - whichever you choose.

    Can I pay by check or wire?

    Yes.  Please email [email protected] or call 877-425-7049 and we'll send you an invoice.

    How long is the program?

    The program is however long you want it to be.  This is a home study course with additional trainings and live sessions delivered as needed.

    "DFY marketing systems and procedures are the best of the best.  If you are looking to grow your business, whatever it may be, then you need to delegate the marketing out to a company that gets results.  This is that company.  Do yourself the favor and do whatever they tell you, your future company will be counting your millions."

    - Steve & Gina Szumigale
    Founder, Freedom Sky Real Estate 
    Erie, PA



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