DAY 1: AI Tools Unlocked 

Get A Behind The Scenes Look At Cutting Edge AI Tools

Day 1

Unlocking The Power Of AI: Jumpstarting Your Business

Timestamp Summary:

[0:00:00] Introduction to the AI Business bootcamp.
[0:01:07] Overview of the topics covered in the bootcamp.
[0:03:56] Importance of asking the right questions to AI tools.
[0:05:57] Background and experience of Jason Drohn.
[0:06:58] The current ease of starting a business with AI.
[0:08:35] Overview of the topics covered in the upcoming bootcamp days.
[0:09:39] Day five: website creation.
[0:10:34] Day seven: scaling your business with AI.
[0:11:35] Overview of the five major components of AI in business.
[0:11:35] Five major components of AI tools: chat bots, image generation, music composition, data analysis, video editing.
[0:13:06] Chat GPT revolutionizes customer interaction with personalized responses.
[0:14:15] Chat GPT can generate blog posts based on prompts.
[0:15:27] Bard is a research assistant tool for generating content.
[0:18:24] Dolly and Chat GPT can generate images for blog posts.
[0:21:30] Dolly is an image generation tool for branding and marketing.
[0:23:17] Dolly can create images in different formats, like YouTube thumbnails.
[0:24:24] AI music and sound generation tools for podcasts and videos.
[0:25:39] Ava, Music Flow, Splice, and Sound Raw are AI music generation tools.
[0:26:06] AI tools for creating music and video backgrounds.
[0:26:43] Importance of data analysis tools in business.
[0:27:11] Examples of interactive dashboard tools for data analysis.
[0:28:36] Overview of AI tools for video editing.
[0:29:33] Description of the Descript tool for streamlined editing.
[0:30:06] Introduction to Opus Pro for video clip editing.
[0:31:25] Overview of various AI video editing tools.
[0:34:47] Real-life impact of AI tools on productivity and revenue growth.
[0:35:30] Future opportunities with AI in personalized customer interactions and content generation.
[0:37:38] Homework assignment to explore and use AI tools.

About Jason:

Jason Drohn is the founder of, a marketing agency, and, a digital entrepreneur accelerator. He has worked with over 1,100 companies in marketing and has extensive experience in digital marketing and AI tools.

Jason Drohn introduces the AI Business Bootcamp and discusses the importance of AI tools in building a successful business. He outlines the topics that will be covered in the bootcamp, including finding your avatar, building a website, and making money online. Jason emphasizes the need to ask the right questions to get the desired results from AI tools.

Key Takeaways:

- AI tools can automate tasks, analyze data, and provide insights for decision-making, improving efficiency and growth.
- Chat GPT and Bard are powerful text-based AI tools that can generate blog posts and images based on prompts.
- Dolly and Ava are AI tools for generating eye-catching visuals and music compositions.
- Data analysis tools like Tableau and Monkeylearn can provide actionable insights for business intelligence.
- Opus and Descript are AI video editing tools that streamline the editing process and enhance collaboration.


"AI tools revolutionize interaction with personalized and efficient responses, improving satisfaction and streamlining communication processes."

"AI tools allow you to get as much done in half the time, saving costs and increasing revenue growth."


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