It has been a while since I have done these, nine months ish. Just to kind of recap you a little bit, pretty well. When COVID hit back last March, I made it a mission to record a live stream every day, Monday through Friday. The intention of it was to just basically teach some of the internet marketing stuff, because at the end of the day, I mean, businesses were shutting down. Everything was really random. I wanted to help give as many friends and clients and just people crossing our path, I wanted to give them as much strategy and as many tactics as possible to get them moving in the right direction.

Writing Blogs

It continued on for 165 episodes. All the way from March, up to around Thanksgiving. Every Monday through Friday, I posted sometimes a 20-minute video, sometimes a five or 10-minute video or whatever. I’ll tell you what, not only was able to help a lot of people, some of them weathered the storm from a business standpoint, some of them sell more from a digital product standpoint or an e-com standpoint, or whatever. At the end of the day, we were able to make a difference.  Even if that difference was just one person or two people a day, literally that was the whole goal, to get somebody moving in the right direction in the turmoil that was the shutdown.

Now fast forward to Thanksgiving. Business is rock and rolling. I mean, working with lots of clients. Holidays are coming up and I had talked about 165 things. Every topic was different. Every day, every live stream was different. Some of them, I’d review blog posts. Some, I would talk through strategies or talk through just a question the client asked me and then answer that. There was lots and lots and lots of different types of material out there.

What we did was we took those videos and I sent them to to transcribe. Then I dropped the transcript in a blog post. So do live stream, send it to They would transcribe it. Then we would just put it all on a blog post on the website. It was not only a great content from a social media standpoint, but we started getting ranked for hundreds of other keyword phrases that were in that content.

Writing Blogs

Video is such a quick way of creating ranking content when you transcribe it and post it on a blog. It has since become a strategy that we use for a lot of our clients and we have a lot of our clients use to grow, especially when they don’t have a lot of data starting at, when they don’t have an email list. They might have a social audience and maybe a small social audience. This idea of creating daily live streams, turning that content into blog post content, and then posting it online, I mean, it’s such a great startup growth plan. Now we went from ranking for about 1800 keyword phrases on to ranking for over 9,000 keyword phrases on Even if we weren’t paying for traffic, it’s traffic we couldn’t turn off.

Getting Back At It

Now a lot has changed since we stopped doing those live streams. Today is where we want to kind of get back into the saddle, if you will.

Priority 1: I’m going to start doing these daily live streams so I could do and teach at the same time.

Priority 2: I am now sitting in a huge-ass building. We purchased just shy of a 20,000 square foot building that we are going to be turning into the epicenter of basically everything we do. Video studio podcasts, the whole deal, which is super exciting. This is my office and I adhered a couple of the offices in the building, and this is where we’re setting up shop now. We got just a lot of construction, a lot of things going on.

It’s a really, really old building. I’m going to walk through and record some of these live streams in different locations. I’ll probably do a whole walkthrough of the interior of the building so you can see what we have going on. The whole project is, we’re kind of keeping it a secret. We’re not necessarily telling everybody exactly what’s going in here, but at the end of the day, this building is meant to be a source of growth. We want to revitalize the community. We want to grow a lot of things in and around this town and also bring a lot of money, a lot of exposure and help start a lot of companies out of here. That is the goal for this building.

Growth of Done For You

You’re also going to see some new things we got coming down the line. We have Done For You obviously. Done For You has grown 800%-ish. Since March, give or take a couple of percent. We’re working with a lot more clients. We have a lot more team members. We’re just doing a lot more at Done For You, which is fantastic. It also has let us open a couple of different verticals. We’re doing more with franchises, lead gen and we’re also doing more with just some strategic kind of JVs. We work to open up a vertical there. We’re going to talk some about that. We’re starting a GSD clothing line. So, Get Shit Done clothing line. That is coming here rather soon and you’re going to see some of that in these live streams.

Starting Done With You Website

We’re also going to do Done With You. In, it is going to be a coaching, mentorship, educational portal, where we will help you grow your business. Not necessarily it’s not done for you, it’s a done with you. We provide the strategy, the mentorship, the accountability, the insights, the relationships, the people, all of that stuff, all the softer things to help grow. There’s going to be some dedicated time for that as well.

I think that’s really about it for all of the latest, greatest stuff. All in all, we want this space to be somewhere you come, you enjoy, you learn from, and then go from there. If you have any questions at all, my plan is we are going to be doing these about nine o’clock every morning, every EST, every morning. So, 09:00 EST. We’re going to publish them, promote them a little bit. Then we’re going to turn all of them into podcast episodes once they roll.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to drop a question in the chat box below or tomorrow, we will be here. We should be here nine o’clock. I mean, unfortunately my day isn’t such, like it used to be where literally every day at 10 o’clock, I was for the most part open. Now, not so much. There’s meetings and stuff popping up all over the place because I’m not the one who controls my calendar a whole lot. I’m going to try to be as close to nine o’clock as possible.

We’re going to be doing some free coaching sessions. I just got a lot planned. We’ll do some interviews and then we’re going to start bringing some of our team members on so that they can start to share some of their brilliance with you. We’ll go rock and rolling! I will see you tomorrow.