You are looking at a business that failed. What most people don’t know is that only 10% of businesses fail in the first year, the other 70% fail years two through five. This means that, once you get past the first year, you’re actually in a bigger danger zone than you were previously.

Let’s talk about this for a little bit and come inside. A lot of times it’s not even that the business is wrong. It’s not that the entrepreneur is wrong or the business owner is wrong.

A lot of times when a company fails is because it didn’t iterate, they didn’t test. They didn’t do a lot of things that they should have been doing in order to survive. Sometimes they didn’t pivot, there’s just a lot of things that happen to make a business fail.

One of the quickest and best ways to prevent failure or to help you fail fast, so that you continue optimizing, is just to seek mentorship. It is what we do with

We help business owners, digital business owners, brick and mortar business owners, coaches, consultants. We help businesses thrive in this very digital infrastructure now, what we’re used to. Whether it’s online ads, whether it is getting traffic, whether it is putting offers together or finding stuff to sell or to sell better, that’s what we do at Done With You.

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