DAY 2: Money making models

choose one of ten ways to make money online!

Day 2

Unlocking The Power Of AI: Jumpstarting Your Business

Timestamp Summary:

[0:00:00] Introduction to making money online
[0:01:35] Example of a physical product business
[0:04:29] Overview of the AI business bootcamp schedule
[0:05:41] Challenges and opportunities of starting an online business
[0:09:22] Explanation of affiliate marketing
[0:11:40] Personal experience with affiliate marketing
[0:13:03] Comparison of different approaches to affiliate marketing
0:14:07 Building a website and going deep for long-term growth
0:15:04 Finding a niche and choosing product promotion techniques
0:16:44 Success stories of lifestyle bloggers and tech reviewers
0:18:38 Ecommerce strategies and building a brand
0:24:15 Unlocking income potential through consulting services
0:26:01 Differentiating between consulting, coaching, and done-for-you services
0:27:11 Niche selection and client acquisition for successful consulting
0:27:49 Delivering value to clients and using AI for assistance
0:28:36 Success stories of specialized financial consulting
0:28:20 Consulting as a way to monetize knowledge and expertise
0:29:33 Difference between coaching and consulting
0:30:09 Assisted coaching and client engagement
0:32:40 AI can help build content for coaching
0:33:28 Monetization strategies for bloggers
0:36:29 Social media influence and building an audience
0:39:48 Strategic approaches to building influence
0:41:01 YouTube as a platform for video content creation
0:41:01 Income opportunities in podcasting
[0:41:42] Podcasting and digital products revolutionize online income streams.
[0:42:21] Digital products allow passive income and scalability.
[0:43:26] Strategic sales funnels are essential for selling digital products.
[0:44:21] Online groups and communities can be monetized.
[0:46:15] Ecommerce, consulting, coaching, and blogging have limitations.
[0:47:46] Digital products offer a quick setup and scalability.
[0:48:48] Online groups require significant time investment.
[0:49:19] Choose a favorite monetization method for tomorrow's AI brainstorming.

About Jason:

Jason Drohn is the founder of, a marketing agency, and, a digital entrepreneur accelerator. He has worked with over 1,100 companies in marketing and has extensive experience in digital marketing and AI tools.


In this episode of the AI Business Bootcamp, Jason Drohn discusses the fundamentals of making money online. He shares his personal journey of transitioning from a Pepsi truck driver to a successful online marketer. Jason explains the different ways to make money online, including affiliate marketing, e-commerce, consulting, blogging, social media influence, podcasting, and digital products. He emphasizes the importance of finding a niche, crafting a compelling brand, and delivering value to your audience. Jason also highlights the role of AI in streamlining and accelerating the online business process.

Key Takeaways:

- Affiliate marketing allows you to sell someone else's product or service and earn a commission.
- E-commerce provides a scalable online business model with potential for sustainable sales.
- Consulting and coaching leverage your expertise to offer valuable services to clients.
- Blogging requires consistency and authenticity to build an audience and monetize through various strategies.
- Social media influence, YouTube, and podcasting can generate income through brand partnerships and sponsorships.
- Digital products, such as video courses and ebooks, offer passive income opportunities with minimal overhead.
- Running online groups fosters a community and can be monetized through memberships and exclusive content.


"Learning how to make money on the Internet has been the single greatest change in my life."

"You want to make sure to have a targeted audience approach and speak directly to the person you're selling to."

"Digital products are great because there's very little cost of goods. You're just sharing your information and selling it."

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