Are you tired of your 9-5 job? Do you have a passion project you wish you could turn into your primary source of income? If so, consider making your side hustle your main hustle.

What is a Side Hustle?

This is a way to make extra money outside of your regular job. It’s typically something you’re passionate about, allowing you to explore your interests while earning extra cash. Common side hustles include freelance writing, graphic design, photography, and consulting.

Signs it’s Time to Make Your Side Hustle Your Main Hustle

  1. You’re Passionate About It: It may be time to make the switch if you find yourself more excited about your side hustle than your regular job. Your passion can be a driving force to turn your side hustle into your main hustle.
  2. Your Earning More Than At Your Regular Job: If your side hustle earns you more income than your regular job, it’s clear that it’s time to make the switch.
  3. You Have a Plan: Before making the switch, it’s important to have a plan in place. This includes a solid business plan, financial plan, and marketing plan.
  4. You’re Ready to Take the Leap: Making your side hustle your main hustle is a big decision. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and risk-taking. If you’re ready to leap, it may be time to turn your passion project into your primary income stream.

Steps to Turn Your Side Hustle into Your Main Hustle

  1. Create a Business Plan: A business plan is essential to turning your side into your main hustle. It should include your mission statement, target market, marketing strategy, and financial plan.
  2. Build Your Brand: Building a solid brand is key to standing out in a crowded market. This includes creating a logo, website, social media presence, and marketing materials.
  3. Network: Networking is essential to growing your business. Attend conferences, join groups, and connect with other professionals in your industry.
  4. Manage Your Time: Managing your time is crucial when running a side hustle. Make sure to set boundaries and prioritize your workload to ensure you’re maximizing your time and efforts.


Turning your side hustle into your main hustle can be a challenging but rewarding experience. It’s important to have a solid plan, build your brand, network, and manage your time effectively. By taking these steps, you can turn your passion project into your primary income stream and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being your boss.