DAY 4: AI Prompting 101

Learn how to prompt AI and ask the right questions!

Day 4

AI Prompting And How To Ask The Right Questions To Grow Your Business!

Timestamp Summary:

0:00:00 Introduction to day four of the AI business bootcamp
0:00:39 Importance of asking the right questions to prompt AI
0:02:22 Tips and tricks for prompting AI
0:05:04 Starting small and building on previous prompts
0:06:47 Unleashing the power of AI in your internet business
0:07:28 Researching the ideal customer avatar with AI tools
0:10:22 Finding top-selling niches online with AI tools
0:14:54 Using AI insights to unveil lucrative niches
0:16:24 Identifying top-selling niches or categories people spend money in
0:17:41 Exploring potential niches in travel
0:18:12 Top selling ecommerce items in the travel category
0:19:12 Popular brands in the luggage and travel accessory space
0:21:32 Traffic and revenue leaders in the direct-to-consumer travel brands
0:23:19 Exploring the website and content of Peak Design
0:25:41 Alternative options for sourcing everyday backpacks
0:28:08 Diversifying income sources in the travel niche
0:29:46 Top affiliate programs for luxury travel
0:31:40 Crafting irresistible offers with AI tools
0:33:34 Utilizing a prompt cheat sheet for AI assistance
0:36:35 Building a website with AI
0:37:05 Selling the first product with AI
0:37:40 Jason Drohn discusses upcoming events and plans for the challenge
0:38:09 Jason Drohn invites questions and concludes the video

About Jason:

Jason Drohn is the founder of, a marketing agency, and, a digital entrepreneur accelerator. He has worked with over 1,100 companies in marketing and has extensive experience in digital marketing and AI tools.

Episode Summary:

Join Jason Drohn in a profound dive into the capabilities of artificial intelligence and its transformative effects on modern business practices. In this episode, titled "Prompting AI for Strategic Business Growth," Jason underscores the significance of asking the right questions to maximize the potential of AI tools. He seamlessly stitches together a narrative that equates the intricacies of life with the functionalities of AI, contending that great outcomes stem from astutely crafted queries.

Jason strings together crucial elements across the episode, from exploring diverse AI tools and the plethora of online money-making models to establishing your "freedom number" — the financial threshold that defines your entrepreneurial ambitions. He punctuates the narrative with actionable insights on prompting AI, emphasizing the necessity of precision and context in communication to elicit valuable, data-driven responses from AI.

Listeners are taken on a guided journey through crafting ideal customer avatars, discovering top-selling niches, and leveraging AI insights for tailored business strategies. Embrace the key takeaways, as Jason, with the meticulousness of a digital craftsman, shapes a vivid picture of how AI can streamline the identification of lucrative niches and assist in devising compelling offers that resonate with target audiences.

Key Takeaways:

- AI's efficiency is greatly determined by the quality and specificity of the prompts provided; thorough information leads to better outcomes.

- Finding your business's ideal customer avatar and top-selling niches can be expedited using AI tools, which analyze vast data sets with ease.

- Crafting ad copies, conducting competitive analyses, and sourcing products can be effectively managed through AI with the correct prompts.

- Diversifying income streams is crucial for business sustainability, and AI can unearth a wealth of options, from physical products to affiliate programs.

- Jason provides a resourceful cheat sheet aiding in prompt crafting, enhancing your ability to utilize AI to its fullest potential.

Notable Quotes:
"AI is only as good as the questions you ask."
"You have to ask [AI] questions. Some of the best questions are questions revolving around the fundamentals of your business."

"AI tools revolutionize customer targeting by analyzing data to identify the ideal customer avatar."

"You also want to make sure you tell [AI] who, what, where, when, how — you want to feed it preemptively put all of the information into it that you need."
"It's amazing how quickly you can knock through stuff [...] You just have to go down the rabbit hole and ask it questions."

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Day 4: AI Prompt Cheat Sheet

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